Storey customer WiredScore Secures $9M Funding


WiredScore, a New York-based real estate tech firm that certifies office buildings for internet connectivity, has raised $9 million in Series A funding. The company currently occupies Appold Studios at Broadgate campus. WiredScore ensures strong digital connectivity and tech capacity in buildings, working with landlords, developers and tenants.  At Storey, we find that a key attraction of co-working spaces is digital connectivity, so we have super-fast, resilient Wi-Fi at 1 Gbps a second in our buildings.

WiredScore is in place for some of our Storey buildings, with 4 Kingdom Street in Paddington Central, having the highest possible rating. Tom Redmayne Director of Business development spoke to Estates Gazette about how Storey has accommodated the business’ growth: “We grew two people two years ago from co-working through to 14/15 today, so we are a fast-growing start-up who really wanted to go and get our own office.”

WiredScore is already growing rapidly with presence in several cities, such as Chicago, Atlanta, Montreal, Glasgow, Birmingham (UK), Marseille, Frankfurt and other parts of Germany. The $9 million funding will enable the company to grow even further with expansion into LA and Dallas. It will also enable them to launch new products, develop service areas and grow their team.

In a press release, Arie Barendrecht, WiredScore co-founder and CEO, commented that “As businesses become more dependent on digital connectivity, we are seeing a shift in the landlords’ responsibility to deliver well-connected buildings.”

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