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Flexible. Personalised. Simple. Productive. Shared.
Flexible Workspace

This is Flexible Workspace.

Your own secure, private office, branded your way... but part of a big creative community.

Supported by a friendly, effective service that frees you to focus on building your business.


Your own private, secure office space, accessible 24/7.

And by your own space, we mean your own space – design it, brand it, and lay it out however you like.


One single, all-inclusive rate – that’s for rent, bills, business rates, services, facilities, everything.

Short, jargon-free contracts. No hidden costs.


From bike storage to break out space. From a hot shower to a nice hot chocolate.

A courtyard or terrace. A meeting room at a moment’s notice. Whatever you need, it’s ready and waiting.


Everything here is designed to help both your work and your wellbeing.

From super-super-fast, resilient WiFi at 1 Gbps a second… to standing desks and bright, workfriendly lighting.


Start with an agreement as short as one year. A space as big or small as you like.

Business growing fast? No problem: your space can grow with you.

For one simple rate, you get:
  • Rent, business rates and service charge 
  • Secure, fully backed-up 1 GB/s Wi-Fi 
  • Reception service, community manager and on-site security 
  • Cleaning and maintenance 
  • Office furniture (including desks and chairs) 
  • Shared kitchen area with tea and coffee 
  • Easy access to shared meeting rooms 
  • 24/7 access 
  • Spaces for whatever you need, from concentration to collaboration