There are six bookable meeting rooms at Paddington Central and five at 100 Liverpool Street, Broadgate. Both Storey Clubs have their own identity as well as event and workshop spaces.

All include wifi, large digital screens, video conferencing and refreshments.

Dining Room

A versatile dining space, with large table. Perfect for larger board meetings private dining. 

Seats: 20

Price: Hourly £195 | Half Day £695 | Full Day £1,350


A boardroom-style room with large table and floor-to-ceiling windows. Perfect for a larger board or team meeting.

Seats: 20

Price: Hourly £195 | Half Day £695 | Full Day £1,350


A fully equipped kitchen, with large rustic solid oak table. Perfect for chef’s table experiences, tastings and press breakfasts. 

Seats: 12

Price: Hourly £125 | Half Day £495 | Full Day £945

Music Room

A recording studio-style room, with low lighting, acoustic-panelled walls and a record player. Perfect for creative brainstorming.

Seats: 10

Price: Hourly £95 | Half Day £350 | Full Day £675


An artists’ studio-style room with floor to ceiling windows creating a light and airy space. Perfect for smaller groups.

Seats: 10

Price: Hourly £95 | Half Day £350 | Full Day £675

Garden Suite

A green and leafy garden room with comfy cane sofas and plenty of natural light. Perfect for informal meetings and presentations.

Seats: 10

Price: Hourly £95 | Half Day £350 | Full Day £675

Event Hall

The event hall is a large space that can be dressed or configured to suit any event. It can also be divided into two workshop studios.

Seats: 220

Price: Half Day £1,850 | Full Day £3,250

Workshop Space

The event hall can be divided into two workshop studios, perfect for training or presentations.

Workshop 1

Seats: 60

Price: Half Day £825 | Full Day £1,525

Workshop 2

Seats: 130

Price: Half Day £995 | Full Day £1,895

Conservatory & Terrace

A green and leafy garden room with comfy cane sofas and plenty of natural light. Perfect entertaining zone for drinks and canapés after a long meeting, including our private outdoor terrace for warmer months.

Seats: 100

Price: Please Enquire

Event Space

The event space can be hired as two separate spaces for workshops, training, presentations or combined and used as an auditorium.

Event Space 1

Seats: 115

Price: Half Day £1,150 | Full Day £2,175

Event Space 2

Seats: 51

Price: Half Day £950 | Full Day £1,750

Event Space 1 & 2 combined

Seats: 177

Price: Half Day £2,050 | Full Day £3,750

Meeting Room 1-5

Seats: 14-20

Price: Hourly £155-220 | Half Day £540-770 | Full Day £1,025-1,465