Team Storey

James Lowery, Co-Leading
James [at]

James co-leads Storey and helps to turn the Storey vision into reality.

James originally joined the strategy team of British Land, drawing on his previous experiences in strategy consulting, civil engineering and new venture development. This ‘jack of all trades’ experience helps him juggle all aspects of Storey, with an ultimate focus on the customer.

“We’ve had the opportunity to build Storey from the ground up, leveraging the deep expertise of British Land and focussing it on an exciting and growing part of the market. I think Storey, backed by British Land, offers something truly different to the market. That’s pretty exciting.”

Joff Sharpe, Co-Leading
Joff [at]

Joff co-leads Storey.  His vision is to transform the right buildings into outstanding flexible workspace.  He also makes sure that we have all the support and resources to deliver our promises to you.

He brings extensive global experience of overseeing office culture and productivity to transform work environments and deliver change.

“I love the fact that Storey exists to help our customers be successful with their own business.”

Stewart Whiting, Product
Stewart [at]

Stewart brings together the experiences of our customers, and thinking of our collaborators and experts around the company to shape spaces, products and services that address businesses’ ever-changing needs and improve the daily work lives of the people based in our buildings.

Before Storey, his background was in the world of flexible workspace and co-working and he’s also been part of several start up teams, working from these spaces.

“The fact that Storey is being delivered by a larger property company allows us to integrate fully into buildings so that the experience for our customers and our customers’ customers is very much seamless and joined up.”

Katie Mansfield, Brand and Marketing
Katie [at]

Katie helped us develop the Storey brand our customers want – our values, beliefs and promises.  And now she makes sure we reflect this brand in everything we do!!  Having worked in marketing for many customer focused companies, she is now driving our communication so that people like you hear about us and understand what we stand for.

“It’s great to be involved in the creation of a new, customer-focused proposition.  We have really listened to customers when putting together the offering so that our new, fresh approach is something that can really make a difference to the office experience.’

George Chan, Finance and Programme
George [at]

George is in charge of keeping everyone organised using an ever-growing array of Gant charts, flow diagrams and spreadsheets.  All this to make sure you get exactly the office you need!

Before joining Storey, George worked in strategy consulting, private equity and then with earlier-stage ventures looking to scale-up.  As such, he understands how important it is for ambitious companies to find the right space.

“It’s incredibly rare to be able to get great space and an operator that genuinely takes away the hassle of having an office.  Storey was designed without compromise for businesses who want to focus on their mission.”

Ana Castro, Service and Operational Excellence
Ana [at]

Ana is focused on delivering a warm, friendly and effective service that is tailored to your needs.  She is the ultimate organiser, focusing on smooth running of the office so you are free to concentrate on building your business. She has over ten years’ experience in setting up and managing commercial buildings for leading operators. This has given her an in depth understanding of customer needs and expectations, ensuring that you get an outstanding service! 

“At Storey we work hard on the background to take all the hassle away from running your personalised office. We are here to help and want to continue to develop our services, so be sure to get in touch and let us know how we're doing.”

Ikenna Nweke, Sales
Ikenna [at]

Ikenna is here to sell our space and to take away the pain of your next office move by working in partnership with you to move into your ideal space.

He has worked in the flexible office market for several years and has developed a good understanding of what products and offerings would make life easier for customers

 “Storey approaches the market with a product that is both new and has the backing of British Land.  This means we are in a great position to really deliver on our offering and leverage on a trusted brand that is known in the market place to launch the new Storey brand.”

Julian Denbury, Technology
Julian [at]

Julian is all things Technology from connectivity, applications, AV, access control to name just a few.

Before the Storey started Julian has worked for over 15 years in the Property and consultancy sectors delivering best in class technical solutions, and loves the challenge of using technology to improve experience and productivity.

“Storey is an amazing product to be part of, creating a unique proposition to greatly assist companies to get the space they need in a friction free manner, it is something I am very proud to be part of”

Alex Clemente, Finance and Analytics
Alex [at]

Alex helps us make sure that the finances are in order so that we can continuously bring the best value for money to our great occupiers

He has worked and studied across the world in areas as diverse as strategy to finance, tech to real estate and the Silicon Valley to London and is here to apply some of the best practices he learnt to create the best environment for Storey’s successful customers.

 “After working in Silicon Valley for a year, I was delighted to find a great, scalable project that can have an amazing impact on businesses… led by a team of talented, passionate individuals with a very entrepreneurial mind-set. That is what Storey is about.”

Nikki de Vet, Customer Experience
Nikki [at]

Nikki creates outstanding workplace experiences for all Storey customers.  Her work will make sure everyone on your team can be happy and productive where they work.

She draws upon her background in both hospitality and HR to make sure the customer is at the heart of decision-making and that we create people-centred positive work environments.

“I love Storey because we enable our customers to focus on building their business whilst we take care of the rest.  Customers can choose to share facilities when it makes sense but create personalised space when that works better for them… it’s a win-win situation”.

Lucy Saffin, Marketing
Lucy [at]

Lucy helps Storey to stay true to its promise of simplicity. She uses her experience in communications to make sure customers have clear, jargon free information.  She conducts a base line test to make sure we’re talking to you like a real person.

“We’re bombarded with promises of ways to make our lives simpler that don’t necessarily translate. You often want a straightforward solution without the need to consult a lawyer to understand it.  It sounds obvious but it’s a real differentiator with Storey. I try to work on the premise that if I don’t understand it – no one will!”